Do you want to visit our showroom?

If you are from Madrid, you can make an appointment with us calling us (917976910) in our evening schedule (from 17:00 to 21:00 h). There we will be able to show you our complete collection, so we can advise you about the best models for yourself.

If you are not from Madrid or Spain and still want to come to our showroom, please dial 0034 917976910 and tell us what are the best dates for your visit and we will try to fit ourselves into them.

Why to choose Maya Hansen corsets?

Maya Hansen, (student graduated with honors y the Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda de Madrid) has specialized in corsetry since 2004, when she first register her brand.

With a wide corsets collections from all over the world and combining the best techniqes learnt from established corsetiers, Maya Hansen sets as a priority to have the best technique for the construction of the corset. Added to that is an impeccable pattern making and the use of the best fabrics worldwide as well as fornitures shipped by the best European suppliers.

All our corsets have satin lining, has the reducing tape on the waist, frontal metal busk, frontal steel bone to avoid any fold in the busk and to guarantee the closing of the corset, back modesty panel to cover the back area, as well as the best quality in brocades, taffeta, satin and novelty fabrics.

The result is a corset that weights between 1 Kg and 1.5 Kg, owe to the interior strcuture with the spiral steel bones and the quantity of diferent fabrics layers inside the corset (interlining, lining,...) that warrant the quality, durability and strength of the corset.

Why doesn't Maya Hansen makes huge corsets productions?

Our work and customer commitment ideas make us have a strong responsiblility over them. Tht´s why we don´t make our production outside our atelier, because each corset is unique and unrepeatable for us.

We could choose cheaper suppliers, but we prefer to choose always the best ones for each corset.

Our corsets are unique and unrepeatable as our customers are unique and unrepeatable.

How much is a 'à la carte' corset?

You must realize that if you choose your own fabrics, the corset is going to be really exclusive and probably one of its kind. That is why the price is higher. The price depends on the kind of fabrics you choose. The bridal corsets need a special care and even more rich fabrics so the price could be even higher. There are a range of prices starting at 300 €.

Could you make my bridal gown?

Yes, if it includes a corset. If you are going to get married and you are thinking about wearing a corset in that special day, don´t hesitate to contact us. Although our desings are not exclusively bridal, we can make the corset you are thinking about and a beatiful matching skirt. We have some bridal gowns proposals in ur 'Bridal Line'. We suggest you to have a look on it and get an idea of what kind of wedding gown you can get wearing a corset.

Could you make a corset matching skirt for an special event?

Our answer is always yes, if it matchs a corset.

When is a corset too small for me?

The corset is too small for you when the vanity panel (the piece of fabric that covers the back) doesn't cover totally the back and you can see the skin and the separation is wider than 12 cm. The vanity panel should cover the back completely (unless you don´t want to cover it). We recommend a 4-8 cm separation between each eyelets lines (the lace looks really much beautiful when it isn´t closed completely).

How could I know if a corset is too big for me?

The corset is too big when you can close it completely in the back and you can even mount one side over the other side. The right size is when you get 4-8 cm of separation in the back (covered by the vanity panel). Anyhow, some people loves to close it perfectly and some others like to have it wide opened in the back (more than 8 cm), so also depends of yourself. Look how to tie a corset properly to get more clues.

How should I clean my corset? Should I handwash it?

As the corsets are really delicate garments, they are not the kind of garment you should clean very often. Anyways if you need to clen it up, we hardly recommend to take it to a dry cleaner´s (warning them dar it has metal boning in its interior) and order a dry clean.

We can also hadwash it with delicate garments detergent, cool water and, when you have drip-dryed it, roll it in a towel to absorb all the humidity. The metal bones inside are stainless steel bones, but we hardly recommend not to get the corset too wet.

Don´t use dryer-machines and don´t expose the corsets to sunlight as they are made with delicate fabrics as silk or brocades.

May I exchange my corset after delivery?

Only if the corset presents obviuos damages due to the shipping, we don´t accept any change. We usually ask for your measures to avoid any problem with the sizes. If the the exchange has to be done for any reason, the customer must assume the return and the delivery payments and Maya Hansen will assume the cost of the new garment. We will never exchange a corset more than once.

What is the deadline for exchanging a corset?

Any exchange, return or complaint must to be done during the first 15 days starting at the delivery of the goods. We understand that all our customers check the corset size during the first days after delivery but we extend the deadline to 15 days for gifts and other situations. Due to hygiene issues no used corset will be exchanged.

May I send my own designs so you make it?

No. We don´t make all kind of garments but it will be possible to make little changes over our own corsets designs. Based on one of our corsets you are free to choose the fabric, the colour and some other little details such as trims, embroideries, etc. but these should be subject to our corset patterns. This will make your corset really unique!

May I use your pictures for my blog, website or publication?

All content on this website, including articles, artwork, pictures, desings and logos is the property of Maya Hansen and is protected by Spain and international copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. Trademarks and copyrights for other photographers pictures are owned by those photographers.

What does that mean?
All content on this website, including articles, artwork, pictures, desings and logos, may not be used on any other web site, in any publications, in public performances, in connection with any product or service that is not Maya Hansen's, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, in any manner that disparages or discredits Maya Hansen, or in any manner that is otherwise exploitative for any commercial purpose or that otherwise infringes Maya Hansen's intellectual property rights.

Can I write in and request permission?
Maya Hansen grant permission to individuals to use any content from this website. For inquiries, please email us to info@mayahansen.com

How do I tie the corset?

Sometimes, to tie a corset properly is not as easy as it could sound. Once you have some practice you will be able to do it in a few minutes. Sometimes, a customer thinks that the corset is not the right size and the most of the times is a tie problem. Not a problem any more, here you have a "How to tie a corset properly" guide taht you can now download and print.
Learn how to tie a corset properly (0.2 MB)