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Roller skate vintage boot is the origin of this collection. All skating disciplines find a way to express. From the ice hockey to the figure skating or the underground roller dancers. Movement and speed are all around the collection. The figure skating glitter maillots, the rough icehockey goalkeepers masks, the street rollers socks are just some of the elements that are reinvented through this collection.

 Fabrics: Neoprene, 3D nets, nets, PU inyected faux leather, foamed stretch fabrics, soft touch versus hard laminated PU vynil materials in matte finishing.

Colors: White, off-white, purple, rose pink, yellow, blue and black are the palette for the collection.

Shape: Dresses and tops get closer to the body. Risky cuts and patterns and a big sport influence. Some compositions are close to the swimwear without leaving the ready-to-wear. Some other are more architectonical and go far away from simplicity. 


Backstage pics: Marcelo Aquilio -

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