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Waterglazed is a sublime story that begins through the coldest winter months. The force of Nature leaves eroded surfaces coexists with the opulent and brightness scenery of the snowy mountains. Marvelous metallic iridescences are structured on a dense fog offering a spectacular images that gradually open to the first delicate buds of spring.
The fabrics are rich and opulent, with shiny surfaces and couture finishes with lúrex threads, metallized viscose and synthetic fabrics mixed with wider and volume fabrics such as neoprene. Fabrics that invite to explore the sense of touch. Technical fabrics, quilted textures, laces, 3D meshes, heavy weight matte bases.

Off White, black and nude. Pastel tones and pearly golds and silvers, platinum and copper shines, turquoise, ice grey, pale pink.

Long corset-dresses with metallic piping details. Fishtail neopren basic dresses. Midi and mini pleated skirts with volume surfaces. Crop tops with pencil skirts and structured jackets and boleros. Also delicate capes with laces. Structured corsets with eyelets but also metal maxi zips that give an extra comfort and modern look.


Backstage pics: Marcelo Aquilio -

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